Call for content now open!

We’re happy to announce that the call for content for Bakery Live is now open, with a deadline to submit content by the 27 March 2023.

For this year’s launch of Bakery Live, we’ve decided to centre content topics around our overarching theme, ‘Sustainable. Ethical. Lasting.’

As an industry publication, we are constantly in discussion with those working in the industry about the issues, challenges and opportunities that are important to them. The theme not only reflects current trends and developments in the bakery sector – spanning sourcing raw materials and ingredients to production machinery – but also what the future of the industry will look like, as we all work to ensure the bakery sector continues to operate sustainably; with people and the planet in mind.

Current issues facing the bakery sector span from rising costs of energy, to supply chain instability and increasing costs of raw materials and ingredients. Coming together to discuss and address these solutions is important, more than ever.

Bakery Live will be an opportunity to get involved in important discussions with industry, bringing industry professionals together to share insight and knowledge in looking towards the future of the industry.

You have until 27 March 2023 to provide submissions on the following topics. We are interested in world practice, stories and case studies from thought leaders that will provide insight to our discussion topics.

The submissions will be graded by our esteemed editorial committee made up of our in-house editorial Bakery Live team, external experts and association leaders from around the world.

Content can be submitted using our Call for Content tab on the website, here.


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