Bakery Live continues partnership with FMCG Gurus

We are pleased to announce that FMCG Gurus will be partnering with Confectionery Live and Bakey Live again, continuing a close collaboration and partnership.

Knowledge partner FMCG Gurus are a market research company providing key consumer insights by analysing data to understand consumer habits and motivations in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

At Confectionery Live in June 2023, FMCG Gurus Data Analyst Eleanor Johnson delivered a session on health consciousness in confectionery, looking more specifically at how confectionery brands can appeal to health-conscious consumers. For Bakery Live in June 2023, Data Analyst and Editorial Executive Emily Ann Smith was on hand to discuss consumer’s attitudes and behaviour towards bakery trend.

Identifying, understanding and establishing growth opportunities in key consumer insights and trends continues to be a major part of both Confectionery Live and Bakery Live, as both sectors are continually evolving and fast-growing.

At Confectionery Live, for instance, the trend towards healthier confectionery – which has often referred to in light of reducing the sugar content and/or replacing it with a healthier ingredient, such as fibre – will be discussed from the perspective of how producers can tap into these trends.

At Bakery Live, meanwhile, trends in the growing UK bread market and broader European bakery market will be talked about from the holistic perspective of how consumers are approaching and purchasing baked goods today.

As part of the knowledge partnership, FMCG Gurus will be providing integral support in promoting and marketing the event to their international database, encouraging thought leaders across the supply chain in the confectionery and bakery industries to attend these virtual events and watch insightful sessions.

“Confectionery Live and Bakery Live are key partners for us at FMCG Gurus, and we’re happy to be supporting these events again and continuing our close collaboration,” commented Will Cowling, Marketing Manager at FMCG Gurus.

“FMCG Gurus have been an invaluable knowledge partner for us and we’re pleased to have them on board again,” said Jon Pittock, Publisher, Hand Media International. “They support us in upholding our tradition of being the go-to source of market knowledge and information.”

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