Sustainable. Ethical. Lasting 

For this year’s launch of Bakery Live, we’ve decided to centre content topics around our overarching theme, ‘Sustainable. Ethical. Lasting.’ This is to reflect current trends and developments in the bakery sector from raw materials and ingredients to production machinery, as well as ensuring its future in operating sustainably, with people and the planet in mind.  

Current issues facing the bakery sector span from rising costs of energy, to supply chain instability and increasing costs of raw materials and ingredients. Discussing and addressing these solutions is important, more than ever. 

Bakery Live will be an opportunity to get involved in important discussions with industry, bringing industry professionals together to share insight and knowledge in looking towards the future of the industry. 

We welcome people to provide submissions on the following topics. We are interested in world practice, stories and case studies from thought leaders that will provide insight to our discussion topics. 

We will be looking for submissions on the following.  

Raw materials and ingredients

  • Sustainably sourcing
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Clean labelling

Production and machinery

  • Glazing, polishing and sweetening
  • Automation and robotics
  • Energy efficiency

Packaging machinery and materials 

  • Modular packaging machines  
  • Latest developments   
  • Sustainable packaging materials 

The alternative consumer  

  • Health conscious 
  • Plant-based products  
  • Sustainable supply chains