Bakery Live Introduces Emily Ann Smith

Emily Ann Smith - website

Bakery Live 2023 are pleased to announce their next speaker ahead of the virtual event taking place on 20-21 June; Emily Ann Smith, Data Analyst and Editorial Executive at FMCG Gurus.

Emily Ann Smith has an accomplished background in literature and works as a Content and Editorial Executive at FMCG Gurus. Emily is responsible for creating content and analysing global data to translate powerful insights into a comprehensive and functional format.

In their presentation at Bakery Live, Emily will be discussing consumer’s attitudes and behaviours towards bakery trends.

This presentation will outline trends that have been identified by FMCG Gurus in relation to the bakery industry. These trends will be examined through consumers’ attitudes and behaviours towards bakeries in the current climate and how this influences their purchasing habits. This will include discussing areas such as ingredients, flavours, health, and sustainability claims. As well as what consumers are prioritizing in terms of what they are and aren’t interested in within the market.

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