Bakery Live Introduces Andy Welch

Andy Welch - website

Bakery Live 2023 are pleased to announce their next speaker ahead of the virtual event taking place on 20-21 June; Andy Welch, Founder at SRSLY.

In their presentation at Bakery Live, Andy will be looking at bread through a new healthier living lens. The fact is that we’re an in the middle of an obesity epidemic means that bread like so many other food & drinks categories has to take a good long hard look at itself in the mirror as it tries to shake off its reputation as an unwitting courier for unwelcome carbs and needless sugar.

80% of their loyalists joined the SRSLY cause to lose weight whilst an overarching 50% are seeking to tackle type 2 diabetes – these are people committed to adopt better eating habits who either struggle (or refuse) to park their deep-rooted bread love/appreciation.

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