Introducing Bakery Live 2023!

Introducing Bakery Live, this will be the new go-to, dedicated online experience for the bakery sector where attendees will be able to source latest equipment, develop key connections with those in the industry and generate new business opportunities. The virtual event will be running from 20-21 June 2023.

Running parallel to International Bakery magazine, Bakery Live is well placed to establish itself as the leading virtual event for the bakery industry. As equipment continually evolves and develops, as new legislation is introduced and consumer demands continually shift, it’s important to keep up with these developments. Working together and ensuring cohesion in the industry is very important, all of which we are offering with the launch of our virtual event.

Due to the position of International Bakery magazine in the market, suppliers choose International Bakery as a marketing partner to launch products and solutions, making Bakery Live a good place to source latest equipment for industrial bakery.

Exhibitors will be able to network, showcase, connect, access and build awareness of products and content on their virtual stands. If you want to learn more about our exhibitors and sponsorship opportunities, please visit our Exhibit tab on our website.

Bakery Live will also provide a dedicated digital marketing campaign for companies and media partners, as information about them will be sent out to our global readership in newsletters, on our website and social media across our platforms. For those interested in learning the platform we provide, please feel free to join our masterclass.

Join us on 20-21 June 2023 to connect and innovate.

Registering to attend Bakery Live is free. Register your interest here.


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