Bakery Live introduces Joe Hill

Announcing the first of our speaker lineup, the Bakery Live team are excited to confirm that Joe Hill, Co-Founder of One Planet Pizza will be speaking at Bakery Live!

As Co-Founder of One Planet Pizza, Joe Hill featured as our Big Interview in the November/December issue of International Bakery Magazine where he spoke about the emerging plant-based bakery industry and the challenges they faced in establishing the business.

Following our central theme of sustainability in the bakery industry, Joe will discuss the plant-based movement in his presentation, tracking its journey from a decade ago. He will ask important questions in his session such as, why did this sector erupt? What’s driving the demand right now? And what does the term ‘flexitarian’ mean?

Joe will be sharing the answers to these questions and other key insights, drawing on his own experiences in launching a vegan food brand from his dad’s kitchen table to ASDA stores nationwide and beyond.

To make sure you don’t miss out on Joe’s session, register here.


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